Room Heaters

Room heaters are an excellent choice for small cabins and homes without existing ducting.



Williams Vented Hearth Heaters

Williams Vented Hearth Heaters deliver maximum efficiency, low fuel consumption and quiet operation. Enjoy instant warmth with this universal heating system. Enclosed front and glass front “fireplace look” models available / 20,000 – 65,000 Btu/hr.

Williams Vented Hearth Heater


Williams High Efficiency Direct-Vent Furnaces

A low profile furnace that may be installed nearly anywhere. Great for homes, apartments, offices, garages and room additions. Natural and Propane models. 7,400, 17,700 and 29,000 Btu/hr.

Design Features:

  • Efficiency Ratings:
    • 7,400 Btu/hr. Series: 79% Thermal Efficiency
    • 17,700 and 29,000 Btu/hr. Series: 82% Thermal Efficiency
  • Natural and propane gas models
  • Easy installation — all vent material included
  • Attractive, durable fresh-white finish
  • Natural and propane models
  • Unique wall-mount design frees up floor space
  • Small, low-profile vent size
  • Sealed-combustion safety technology uses no inside room air for operation


Williams Vented Hearth Heater