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Dave Lennox Signature® Collection

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection Heat Pumps

XP25 Heat Pump

The most precise and efficient heat pump you can buy

The XP25 uses revolutionary Precise Comfort™ technology to maintain an ideal temperature and perfect humidity under any conditions, all while saving you hundreds of dollars in energy costs. It's simply the most advanced, most capable heat pump ever created.


XP21 Heat Pump

The most quiet and efficient heat pump you can buy

When it comes to cooling and heating your home, the XP21 rises to the challenge in a way that's unmatched by any other heat pump. Exclusive SilentComfort™ technology, combined with two-stage operation, maintains precise temperatures while keeping energy costs and sound levels at a minimum.


Dave Lennox Signature® Collection Heat Pumps
SL18XP1 Heat Pump

The most efficient and quietest single-stage heat pump you can buy

Industry-exclusive SilentComfort™ technology keeps sound levels to a minimum, even when the SL18XP1 is working its hardest to keep you comfortable. A composite fan design, combined with an exclusive motor innovation help control your cooling and heating costs.

XP14 Heat Pump

Reliable and responsible home cooling and heating

It's easy to feel good at home with the XP14, designed for total comfort inside and quiet performance outside. A precision-engineered scroll compressor ensures efficient operation, helping you save money on your monthly utility bills.


Air Handlers

Air handlers are used in conjunction with the heat pump to distribute the conditioned air throughout your home.


Dave Lennox Signature® Collection

Lennox CBX40UHV Air Handler

CBX40UHV Variable Speed Air Handler

The quietest and most efficient air handler you can buy

Using innovative variable speed technology, the CBX40UHV provides a continuous flow of air, which helps reduce drafts, sound levels and energy costs. A built-in filtration system gives you the advantage of powerful allergen control.

Lennox CBX32MV Air Handler

CBX32MV Variable Speed, Multi-position Air Handler

Quiet, efficient, environmentally responsible air handler for virtually any installation

The CBX32MV has a strong handle on performance. A variable speed motor precisely controls airflow, which helps maximize efficiency and reduce sounds. During hot weather, continuous air circulation helps lower humidity levels.

Lennox CBX27UH Air Handler

CBX27UH Air Handler

High-efficiency air handler

The CBX27UH puts you comfortably at ease, day after day and season after season. Advanced Lennox® engineering combines with high-quality components to allow efficient circulation of air, which helps enhance comfort and lower utility bills.